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The Humiliation Pit draws you in...

Somewhere between your wildest dreams and your worst nightmares

East Tennessee's revered Dominatrix, Miss Laci Sedona invites you in...

Simply put. Dominating and Serving are about communication and trust. Obedience. Discipline. A symbiotic relationship, entered under defined boundaries. Soft limits pushed, hard limits respected.
Bow down before a true goddess.
Strong in will, strong in mind, strong in body. Her eyes will draw you deeper and deeper until you surrender all control.
Experience the hypnotizing effect of having a true Alpha female melt you into a silly sludge pile of nothingness. Submit. Obey. Bow. Worship.

Serving is a privilege. Not all who approach are accepted to The Humiliation Pit. Always be respectful making any requests and patiently await a response.
Virtual or real-time sessions are by appointment only. 

Please use the contact form on this website to reach out. 


Miss Laci's favorite kinks

Corporal Punishment





Goddess Worship

Sensual Domination


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