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Questions and Answers

How do I serve? 

Miss Laci's availability is exclusive and must be booked in advance. Serving can look like a real-time session, virtual, or phone domination. Deposit is required. 

Where is Miss Laci based out of? 

Eastern Tennessee

Does Miss Laci switch? Is there sex involved with sessions? 

Miss Laci is a Professional Dominatrix. She does not switch. There is absolutely no sex involved in sessions, whether virtual or real-time. Any discussion of illegal events will result in losing the ability to session. 

Does Miss Laci tour? 

There is no longer regular tour scheduling, however, Miss Laci will occasionally be available in different locations and will announce prior to, accordingly. 
Should you desire Miss Laci to travel to you, all travel costs will be covered and discussed upfront. 

What does Miss Laci wear to session?

 Contrary to the pop culture depiction of BDSM, many dommes do not dress in leather and laxtex. Miss Laci dresses appropriately for each session, which means she dresses for comfort, safety, and mobility to ensure the best time. For a heel or boot fetish session of course Miss Laci will naturally wear heels or boots. Extra special wardrobe requests can be accommodated provided you are willing to gift it. And no, Miss Laci will never be nude for a session.

What can I do to prepare for my session?

Ask any questions and discuss any concerns you have via email communication. Research Miss Laci so you have an idea of the domme you are about to meet. Make sure you are bathed, well-groomed, and are not high or drunk prior to session. Bring your best manners. A small gift is always appreciated, but not required. 

Is my identity and information safe?

 Always! Discretion and privacy are paramount. You MAY be asked personal questions before session. These answers will always remain private. You may be asked to furnish refrences or an ID for safety. 

What is the password protected Femdom V.I.P. page?

An immersed femdom experience is available via invite only. For those who are in good graces, Miss Laci offers exclusive FLR rendevous options.

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