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Is there such thing as a stupid question?


Positively, most certainly, absolutely.

When you submit an inquiry, it's very obvious whether you have spent any time or thought on contacting the domme of your choosing.

First impressions matter!

Think of your inquiry as your first chance to prove you are capable of following simple instructions.

Why should a domme take you into consideration, if upon first contact, you are careless, inattentive, or flat out rude?

Look carefully over the website and try to answer your own questions yourself. Often times, the information you are seeking, is easy to find. Look for a F.A.Q. page, review the kinks and fetishes the domme is interested in, and pay attention to any courtesies she may have spelled out for you.

It's not unnatural to be confused or nervous, but spending a few extra minutes to look over the information that has been provided will take you a long way.

Good luck!

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