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June Tour

Miss Laci will be touring a variety of Bible Belt cities the month of June.

As traveling costs rise, the importance of pre-bookings rises. Touring costs money, from transportation to hotels, food, and other incidentals. Without pre-bookings, any city can be canceled.

Tour bookings are optimally at least an hour and a half long. They still require screening and a deposit.

In the event that Miss Laci has to cancel any given location, any deposits would be fully refunded. This is a last resort and of course not a desirable outcome.

The option for sponsored tours and FMTY exist for those who are unavailable or unwilling to visit Miss Laci locally.

A sponsored city is one in which a sponsor sub pays for the accomodations to get Miss Laci to said destination.

FMTY technically means fly me to you. Of course, it can also be driving. This is a specific location that the sub Miss Laci is desired in, that might not even be on the tour dates, with the specific intention of sessioning.

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