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How to Properly Send An Inquiry

Miss Laci has given simple instructions on the contact form on how to send a proper session inquiry.

Following the most basic of directions is the first impression, make it a good one.

If you are unable to send an email correctly, what makes you think that a dominant will want to converse with you?

Minimizing long threads of back and forth is key. Try and research questions you can easily find answers to on the website. Unanswered questions should be attempted to be complied into one email when possible.

Extended advising and pre-session discussion, whether written or by phone, will require an additional fee.

One-lined emails, not addressing Miss Laci properly, and vague requests run the risk of being completely disregarded.

Information that Miss Laci would like to see in an intial contact include the following;

-Brief personal introduction

-Experience with BDSM and/or pro dommes

-Type and length of session desired

-Several potential dates and times for session

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