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Preparing For A Session

Once you have confirmed a session date and paid a deposit, your session is confirmed. Now you are probably wondering what next?

If you haven't already researched Miss Laci, now is the time. Become familiar with her favorite kinks and character.

The hours leading up to session may require you eat a hearty meal, or may require a brief fasting period, depending on what has been arranged.

Get adequate sleep. Do not take any intoxicants before session.

Always come fully bathed and groomed. Wear deodorant and make sure you look presentable. Arrive in your every day wear.

The most important thing you can bring is your attitude! You have made a choice to serve a dominant woman. You are now submitting your mind and body to the experience. Be humble, gracious, polite, and self-aware. Address Miss Laci appropriately. Always led Miss take the lead, and if you have requests, understand that these will be taken into consideration only if your behavior has been appropriate.

Gifts and additional tributes are not necessary, but welcomed.

Try to relax and enjoy the experience. Remember to breathe and have fun!

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